Leaky Gut is a real medical condition caused by a variety of factors, and can be reversed.

Symptoms of leaky gut include chronic gas, bloating, constipation or diarrhea, autoimmune diseases, and others. This guide will help you determine if you have leaky gut, and what you can do about it. Additionally it will show you how to avoid wasting time and money on treatments that do not work. 

  1. Understand the scientific solution
  2. Increase stomach acid
  3. Use the specific repair supplements
  4. Simple dietary changes
  5. Treat intestinal infections


Dr. Brandeis is amazing! He has completely changed my life. My gut is completely restored. I feel healthy, vibrant and alive.
— Mariana J

The 5 steps must be followed exactly as I have laid out for lasting results. If you want to bake a pie, you have to follow the instructions to get the result you want. There is no single magic bullet, but complete restoration of the intestines is possible if you follow this plan. 


Introduction to the Digestion Repair Blueprint by Dr. Andrew Brandeis. This video series will show you, step by step, how to heal Leaky Gut for good as well as how to avoid haphazard treatments that don't work.

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